UVLED Lamp Solutions
UVLED, a decade year old company was found in October,2010. In early stage, we focused on UV LED beans & tubes, and patented “UVLED”. Based on many years’ manufacturing, Shenzhen UVLED Optical has been the biggest UVLED supplier in China.Based on its professional technology and stable supply chain, we enter uv lamp market in 2013. With the advantage of high-quality,high-efficiency, low-cost dual light source UV/LED Beans, our uvled lamp is not only fashion & beauty, but also cost-efficient, and it’s highly thought of by domestic and international customer, which lead to the new time, that old uv lamp replaced by new led lamp. Now UVLED is the only brand with the most nail lamp styles in China, have an 80%-90% share of the market for uvled nail lamp, export more than 10 million pieces nail lamp every year.

What's the advantages of UVLED nail lamp?

    Standard performance advantage
  • Using the UV/LED dual source lamp, so when the hair is light, non-harmful
  • The use of LED lamp, will non-blacken
  • Up to 50000 hours LED lamp life and low power, equivalent to use 5 years without replacement
  • General purpose

    Cost-effective and competitive prices
  • The other UV nail lamp still sell $20, while the UVLED in the LED nail lamp sale has been as low as $10,The products are of good quality and perfect after-sales service
  • have national patent with UV LED and CE

    Personal design
  • Advantages of large profits distribution agent
  • Humanization design is to upgrade the comfort of operation and elegance of design